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1913 Buffalo Nickel Circulated - First Year Of Issue

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The Buffalo Nickel is known as one of the most popular coins to ever be minted. Its design was so popular that is was also used on the American Gold Buffalo and 2001 Silver Buffalo. This 1913 Buffalo Nickel is the first year of issue, making it one of the most popular in the entire series. This is a must have for any serious coin collector and it can be obtained for MUCH LESS than you thought. Your collection simply will not be complete without this piece. 

The 1913 Buffalo Nickel was the first to ever be produced. The Buffalo Nickel series started in 1913 and was made until 1938. The coin was originally designed by mint engraver James Earl Fraser and was inspired by the Native Americans in this country. The obverse of the coin featured a Native American that was thought to be a combination of many different Native Americans from a variety of tribes. The reverse of the coin featured a bison. The bison was modeled after the famous bison in the central park zoo named "black diamond". 

Each Buffalo Nickel weighs 5 grams, is composed of 75% copper and 25% nickel, and has a diameter of 21.2mm. Throughout the series the Buffalo Nickel featured a plain edge, unlike the reeded edge that so many U.S. minted coins have. Over the course of its 25 year run, the Buffalo Nickel was minted at the Philadelphia, San Fransisco, and Denver mints. This 1913 Buffalo Head Nickel was minted at the Philadelphia mint and had a total mintage of 30,993,520 coins.

A nice circulated 1913 Buffalo Nickel will run anywhere from $20-$40 depending on the grade. Once you cross the mint state condition, the coin starts to become more pricey. For instance, a mint state quality coin will start at around $60 and can run into the hundreds of dollars. The value of the 1913 Buffalo Nickel also can vary depending on the variety. In 1913 the mint made a 1913 Buffalo Nickel Type 1 which featured a mound on the reverse that the bison was standing on and the 1913 Buffalo Nickel Type II which the bison was standing on a plane line.