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1576 A.D. Authentic Campo del Cielo Meteorite-Space Rock Certified INB

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Product Description

This meteorite is guaranteed to be from the Campo del Cielo (Field from the Heavens), Argentina. The composition of the meteorite is 94% iron and 5.9% nickel, with trace elements of several very rare earth minerals. 

Campo del Cielo is situated on the border between the Argentinian provinces of Chaco and Santiago del Estro, 1,000 kilometers northwest of Buenos Aires. The estimated age of these meteorites is 4.6 billion years old, making them among the oldest items in the universe. They crashed into earth an estimated 4,000-5,500 years ago, based on the carbon dating of wood recovered underneath the meteorites. In 1576, the Spanish conquistadors in the area wondered where the aboriginal inhabitants were getting high quality iron for their weapons, and were shown a large field where these meteorites were located. The crater field covers an area of only 3 x 20 kilometers, but contains at these 26 craters. Recently, these meteorites were declared an Argentinian national treasure, and no more can be searched for or exported. This is your chance to own a rare piece of history like non other! Each meteorite is certified by the International Numismatic Bureau as authentic and come along with a certificate of authenticity as depicted. 

*Each meteorite is unique, so its size and shape will vary from the one photographed. 


  • INB Certified
  • Each rock is unique
  • From outer space!!
2 Reviews
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